Winter Overhaul Special

Winter Overhaul Special


It’s that time of year again folks, the WINTER OVERHAUL SPECIAL is back! For only $120 (normally $170), have your “majestic steed” overhauled. 

We are offering this super low price on our pro-level overhaul for a limited time. We will completely disassemble your bike and restore it to nearly new. Your bike will be returned to you clean, polished, re-lubed, and ready to go! 

Complete Overhaul Includes:
  • Clean chain, cassette and chain rings
  • Adjust, clean and lubricate derailleurs
  • Adjust, clean, and resurface brakes
  • True wheels, clean rims, hubs & spokes
  • Overhaul of all bearing systems
  • Honest diagnosis of component wear
  • Labor on all replacement components
  • Cost of replacement parts not included

A complete Overhaul for only:

$170  $120

Available December 1st  - February 28th

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