Fighting COVID-19 With Outdoor Gear

Article Tanner Landon

While the COVID-19 pandemic negatively impacts our communities, it also provides a glimmer of hope. This pandemic has shown us that when faced with adversity, humanity will take the opportunity to make a difference, give back, and contribute to something bigger than ourselves. The outdoor community is making a global impact, and you can too through the contribution of repurposed outdoor gear. Your pre-loved outdoor gear can save lives and make a difference to help those in need. Whether unhoused or at the front lines saving lives, new and used outdoor gear can help!

Please join us in repurposing outdoor gear and collecting items to support the organizations below. 


Goggles for Docs

Doctors, nurses, and healthcare workers must take extra precaution so that they do not become infected while treating those suffering from COVID-19. As the need for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) grew, a New York doctor named Mike Halperin created a creative solution to the shortage. Mike found a way to distribute ski goggles to serve as protective eye gear, creating this grassroots effort Goggles for Docs to help serve hospitals across the globe.

How you can help: you can donate your own goggles or spread the word to help gather goggles from your community!

The process to donate goggles is simple: 

  • Visit
  • Select a Hospital: Click the “Find a Hospital” link and choose a hospital from the list.
  • Enter Info: From there just select the number of goggles that you are willing to commit and enter your information.
  • Prepare: Prepare the goggles for donation by following these guidelines (or watch this video).
  1. Gather all your materials.
  2. Wash your hands thoroughly for 20+ seconds.
  3. Using your disinfecting wipes or spray and a clean rag, thoroughly clean your goggle preparation work area.
  4. Using your disinfecting wipes or spray and a clean rag, carefully wipe down/clean ALL parts of the goggles being donated and let dry.
  5. Once the goggles are dry, place each pair of goggles into a clean, unused ziplock bag and seal the bag.
  • Mail: Mail (preferably overnight ship) the goggles to your hospital of choice.

Click Here to learn more about Goggles For Docs!



While many of us practice safe distancing by staying home, there are some who do not have a home to distance in. Here at Peak Adventures, we are donating our retired outdoor gear and collecting donations for Sac Soup Nonprofit. Sac Soup Nonprofit collects donations and distributes them throughout our Sacramento community to individuals who are unhoused.


We are currently accepting donations:   

  • Tents
  • Sleeping bags
  • Tarps
  • Water bottles 
  • Gloves
  • Face masks
  • Nonperishable foods (canned foods, dried fruits, packaged snacks, etc.)
  • Hand sanitizer

With your help and donations, we hope to get more resources to those who are in need. Please complete this Google Form and sign-up to get started

Click Here to learn more about Sac Soup!


How Outdoor Brands Are Helping Fight COVID-19

Many outdoor brands are coming together to fight COVID-19 through monetary donations, repurposing factories to produce PPE, and sending their own gear to hospitals. Read below for a running list by Outside Online of outdoor companies that are contributing to this pandemic:

How Outdoor Brands Are Pitching in to Stop COVID-19

From protective equipment to hand sanitizer to donations, here’s how gear producers are helping to slow the spread of the virus