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Team Building


About Peak Adventures Team Building

Team building events for any group! We serve community groups, professional clients, and of course, Sacramento State students! Most of our team building programs take place at the Challenge Center - our high ropes course at Sacramento State, but we can also integrate team building into a private outdoor trip or come to you. To learn more about our offerings and see what outcomes we can help you achieve, click here!

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Why Choose Peak Adventures?


We’ve been building teams since 1989. We serve over 8000 people annually from the greater Sacramento area. We work with Sac State classes, sports teams, clubs, and programs. In addition, we regularly serve high schools and middle schools, both public and private, church groups, and other youth organizations as well as businesses and government agencies.


Our Team Leads have over 500 hours of hands-on experience facilitating and leading groups through challenges and transformational activities. Their training includes technical ropes course safety management, CPR and first aid, as well as advanced facilitation, debriefing methods, and group dynamics.


We create specialized programs that are designed to meet the specific needs of your group. Fun and educational, challenge course activities promote personal development and team building through the use of activities both on the ground and in the air. Our team building philosophy and expertise will take your group to the next level. Whether you are planning a retreat, kicking off a new year, working through a specific goal, or want to work as a better unit, our programs are sure to get results.


    Who we serve

    Team Building Programs For:
    • Sac State Student, Staff and Faculty Groups
    • Professional / Corporate Groups
    • Community Groups and Non-profits
    • Youth Groups and Clubs
    • School Groups
    • Sports Teams

    Professional Groups

    Customized programming that promotes wellness and challenges employees to meet their highest level of professional potential. Using advanced facilitation methods in a controlled environment, your team will be pushed to find leaders, sharpen communication, and efficiently execute goals.

    The team always does a great job creating a fun environment that lets people drop their guard and start to bond with one another. I will continue to recommend Peak Adventures to anyone looking for a high quality team building experience.

    Sac State Groups

    Mascot Herky on a rock climbing wall at the ropes course. Programming for any group wanting to have fun and get to know each other better. Spend time problem solving, developing teams, and exploring new perspectives on how teams operate. We believe that sharing a common experience creates a connection. These programs are great for clubs, teams, sororities, fraternities, classes, higher education professionals & more!

    Official student organizations and clubs at Sacramento State are eligible to apply for DOC funding. 


    It was great to see the underlying camaraderie that was created through the activities and seeing what was mostly strangers come together in such a short amount of time. Seeing some of them being able to overcome their personal issues, such as a fear of heights, was amazing.

    Community Groups

    Programming that provides a fun & safe environment to develop a deeper understanding of effective communication and an appreciation for one another. If you are bringing out a large group, participants are broken up into smaller groups so they can step out of their comfort zones, and have a chance to interact with new people on a more personal level. 

    The highlight of the day was hearing my student’s laughter, having them cheer each other on, and talking to the students about the moments that they overcame a fear or felt supported.


    The Challenge Center

    A high ropes course at Sacramento State!

    The Peak Adventures Challenge Center is a high ropes course conveniently located on the Sacramento State Campus.

    The Challenge Center has 20+ elements ranging from 1ft to 40ft off the ground designed to help us facilitate team building activities and encourage personal challenge. Our philosophy is challenge by choice and we strive to create a fun, safe, and rewarding environment at each and every program.

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    The Challenge Center

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