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The Bike Shop

Sacramento State's Bike Shop is open to the public!


Retail + Repair

We’re a full-service bike shop. We carry Nerve, Jamis, Surly, All City, KHS, Retrospec, and thousands of items. We can order almost anything! Our professional bike technicians are dedicated to providing fair, affordable, and reliable service to Sac State students and the community.

Sac State Discount!

Sac State students, faculty, and staff receive a discount on all retail items and labor.

Convenient Free Parking 

Free 30-minute parking 100 feet from our door!

The closest bike shop to the American River Parkway!

Drop by anytime for free lube, free air, and answers to your questions


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Service Prices

Drop by anytime for free lube, free air, and answers to your questions.

Flat Rates

Service General Student
Single Speed Tune-up $50 $40
Express Tune-up $60 $50
Complete Tune-up $95 $80
Complete Overhaul



True Wheel $20 $18
Wheel Build $55 $49
Brake/Derailleur Adjustment $12 $10
Brake Bleed $35


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Service General Student
Change Tire/Tube $12 $10
Install F/W, Cassette $11 $10

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Service General Student
Bearing Adjustment    
Hub $12 $10
Headset $12 $10
Bottom Bracket $12 $10
Hub $18 $15
Headset $18 $15
Bottom Bracket $18 $15
Shifter $18 $15
Drivetrain $25 $22
Quick Clean $15 $13

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Service General Student
Chain $6 $5
Pedals $6 $5
Rack $11 $10
Fenders $20 $18
Computer $12 $10
Wrap Drop Bars $11 $10
Headset $20 $18
Forks (install) $40 $36

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Description of Services

Complete Overhaul

For overall peace of mind and getting your well-worn bicycle riding like new again.

Disassemble drive train parts, derailleurs, crankset, chain and cassette cleaned separately in a parts washer, overhaul all bearing systems.  Inspect and clean frame and fork, check dropout alignment, clean and true wheels, adjust brakes, adjust derailleur cables, and ride!

Express Tune-Up

Gets your bicycle ready to ride and looks good too!

Adjust all cables which include your brakes and derailleurs. We adjust all bearing systems (headset, hubs, bottom bracket). Finally, we clean and wipe down your bike.

Complete Tune-Up

Gets your bicycle tuned, lubed and ready to ride!  Our staff recommends getting a tune-up every 6 to 8 months or every 1000 miles when riding regularly.

Our complete tune-up is just that.  We clean your frame and wipe down your components for you and adjust all cables which include your brakes and derailleurs.  We adjust all bearing systems, true your wheels and lube your chain.  After this service, your bike is completely tuned up!

  • All labor rates exclude the cost of parts.
  • Student rates apply to Sac State students with valid ID only.
  • Miscellaneous repairs are charged at our competitive shop rate, for an accurate quote please bring your bike in!

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Bike Classes & Clinics

We offer bike classes & clinics. All classes & clinics are open to the public and Sac State students get special pricing!