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Your Ultimate Guide to the Best Bike Shop in Sacramento: Peak Adventures Bike Shop

A Hidden Gem On Sac State's Campus

the peak adventures bike shop retail wall and cash register counter

Are you a Sac State Alumni missing those good old days of breezy bike rides through our beautiful campus, or a Sacramento local on the hunt for the best bike shop in Sacramento? Look no further, your search for the perfect Sacramento Bike Shop ends at Peak Adventures Bike Shop, conveniently located just off the American River bike trail in the University Union at Sac State, and it’s not just for Sac State Staff & Students!

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Five Reasons Why Every College Student Needs An ENO Hammock

a group of college students laughing in ENO hammocks

When walking to class, have you seen people lounging in hammocks on campus and wished that was you? If so, this article is for you!

There has been a noticeable increase in the popularity of hammocks. According to, the Hammock Market is expected to earn an estimated USD 40.6 million by 2024. For good reason!

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Field Trips to The Peak Adventures Challenge Center at Sac State

An Unmatched Learning Experience

The education landscape is evolving, and teachers are constantly searching for educational field trip ideas that can supplement classroom learning. Look no further than the Peak Adventures Challenge Center at California State University, Sacramento, the ideal destination for enriching students’ education with practical experiences.

A hand-written note from a student about the Peak Adventures Challenge Center saying: Dear Peak Adventures Staff, thank you for letting us have our field trip at peak adventure. it was the best field trip of my life! I enjoyed playing all the games on the ground, and watching friends, and supporting them. I think the class got to know eachother much better, I know I did. I will always remember your kindness. I hope to come again soon! :) - Samantha (ps thanks for being awesome!)

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May is Bike Month at Sacramento State

May is Bike Month Poster

May is Bike Month is back!

Ready for a fun challenge to get more people on bikes and spread the joys of biking? 

From May 1-31, May is Bike Month is back, and there’s never been a better time to enjoy riding a bike! 


The challenge is an excellent opportunity to explore how active and sustainable travel choices can benefit the environment and our health! Did we mention it’s also fun?



Talking Summer Camps with Good Day Sacramento!

Kids need experiences like Summer Camp, now, more than ever. This program is an outdoor-based youth summer camp at California State University, Sacramento provides ample space to be outside, have fresh air, and experience the wonder and magic of camp!

We chatted with Good Day Sacramento to share the wonders of camp!


Bike Commuting in Sacramento

Photo of someone in a red jacket riding their bike in fall.

Bike Commuting Basics

Riding to class or work has many benefits for your health, your wallet, and the planet! Here’s some info to get you on the road.


QBP Bike Industry Scholarship Program

Bike mechanics working on bike

Are you looking to up your bike maintenance game? Check out these rad scholarship opportunities! After taking any mechanic course, your odds of landing a bicycle industry job increase dramatically! 

QBP Bike Industry Scholarship Program

As part of QBP’s mission to make cycling more accessible and inclusive, they offer a variety of industry scholarships for gender- and racially diverse people to sharpen their skills and build their career in bikes.

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Fire & Outdoor Recreation

How fires are impacting recreation, and what can we do about it?

The Wildfire Problem

In 2018 the smoke from the Camp Fire became a hazard for the entire California central valley. During the fire, Sacramento was recorded as the most polluted city on the planet, with a PM2.5 reading of 225.4. The smoke was dangerous enough that Sacramento State, along with Peak Adventures and all other campus operations, were forced to close. This was only one of several massive fires that have occurred in the last few years. But why are fires worsening in California, and how will they impact outdoor recreation? 

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Supporting Our Environment

As you may know, April is Earth Month! In honor, we’re highlighting ways you can give back and get involved. If you’re eager to positively impact the environment, there are many organizations that would appreciate your help. Whether you are able to donate, volunteer time, or just want to be part of a community, joining an environmental organization can be a great way to help protect the planet we all share. 


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Sustainable & Eco-friendly Camping Gear

tent in front of lake

Why do we go camping? Is it to get away from our modern priorities? Maybe some of us are seeking adventure? Or maybe a few of us just want to see a cool tree and call it day! For whatever reason, it’s important we try to limit the footprint of our activities to help preserve and protect nature for the future. Choosing the right kind of gear is a great place to start. 


This quick guide covers a few ways you can limit your impact on the environment when camping:


Diversity in the Outdoors: Student Panel Discussion

Pre-recorded zoom event

Diversity in the Outdoors: Student Panel Discussion

Recorded October 8th, 2020

A discussion on diversity and inclusion in outdoor recreation. Let’s be honest, minorities are historically underrepresented in outdoor recreation, but the tide is changing. More and more, people from all backgrounds are interacting with nature in new ways! In this panel, students will discuss what the outdoors means to them, share adventure stories, and take on breaking down the stigma of getting into the outdoors.


Outdoors For All

We strongly believe that the outdoors is a space for everyone. Outdoor experiences have the unique ability to empower, educate, and allow people to let down their guard to find common ground. Together we can improve the outdoors in becoming a space for different ability levels, cultures, and identities to come together in a shared love for the outdoors. Whether you participate, donate, or advocate, your support will lift the collective whole and help marginalized communities.

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Plan Adventure In 8 Steps

Travel planning is about crafting an experience for you and your companions. Proper planning can go a long way in ensuring your trip is memorable for all the right reasons! Currently, we still recommend staying close to home but as travel restrictions are slowly lifting, now is the perfect time to plan a future getaway. Use this short guide as a starting point to plan an unforgettable adventure and avoid a travel nightmare.


How to: Lock Your Bike

Purchasing a lock for your bike is useless, unless you know how to properly secure your bike. Learn how to safely lock your bike from ASI Peak Adventures Bicycle Technician, Emery!

How to: Lock Your Bike


Bring the taste of camping indoors!

Pot of Chili

Who misses going out to eat? I know I do- many of my favorite restaurants are closed because of the COVID-19 pandemic. And I miss camping even more! So I thought, why not try to sprinkle a little of both back into my life. Here is one of my favorite camping recipes to bring the taste of camping indoors!

Campfire at night

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How to: Wrap Bike Handlebars

New bar tape can make your bike feel…. new! With hundreds of colors and designs to choose from, this simple upgrade will also give your bike a fresh new look. Wrapping bars is a skill. If it’s your first time, take it nice and slow.


Watch the video below to learn the art of the bar wrap!

How to: Wrap Bike Handlebars