How to: ABC Quick Check

Article Peak Adventures

Headed out for a ride? Make sure your bike is in proper working order with the ABC Quick Check! This quick pre-ride inspection is simple, easy to remember, and can keep you safe on the trail, road, or wherever your bike takes you.

How to: ABC Quick Check

A is for AIR

  • Check the air in your tires
  • Squeeze each tire, if they feel squishy, you probably need some air
  • Inflate your tire to the proper PSI indicated on the side of the tire


B is for BRAKES

  • Check your brakes by visually inspecting your brake pads
  • Squeeze each brake lever, you should feel resistance and have about a thumb’s width between the lever and handle when engaged


C is for CHAIN

  • Inspect your your chain
  • Look for any rust or debris
  • Rotate your pedals backwards and make sure everything runs smooth



  • Check the quick releases on each wheel and your seatpost
  • Make sure they are clamped and sightly secured


C is for CHECK

  • Give your bike a slow test ride
  • Make sure everything feels right and it shifts ok
  • Test your brakes one more time