How to: Fix a Flat

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In this week’s Bike Shop video, Bicycle Technician Emery gives a basic overview of how to fix a flat tire on your bicycle. We cover what tools you need, how to remove the wheel, how to replace the tube, proper inflation, and how to put your wheel back on.

How to: Fix a Flat

Step 1: Grab your tools

What you’ll need:

  • Tire lever
  • New tube
  • Wrench (if you don’t have quick releases)
  • Air pump


Step 2: Remove the Wheel 

Remove your wheel from the bicycle.

  • Release the brakes so they are open and the tire can slide through
  • Loosen bolts (or quick releases) connecting wheel to frame
  • Gently lift wheel away from bike, this step should not take much force


Step 3: Remove the Tire & Tube

Remove your tube from the tire

  • Use a tire lever to fold the outside of the tire over the bead of the wheel
  • Run the tire lever around the wheel to have full access to the old tube
  • See video at 1:00 for details
  • After the old tube is out, inspect the inside of the tire for any sharp objects or debris


Step 4: Install New Tube

Install your new tube

  • Lightly inflate your new tube to avoid pinch flats and folding inside the tire
  • Put the valve stem through the valve hole on your wheel
  • Gently work the new tube into the tire
  • Once the tube is inside the tire, work your way around the wheel pushing with your palms to get the tire back inside the wheel bead


Step 5: Inflate

Now it’s time to inflate the tire. 

  • Inflate the repaired tire to the specified PSI on the side of the tire


Step 6: Install the Repaired Wheel

Let’s finish up by putting thew repaired wheel back on the bike!

  • Make sure your brakes are still open
  • Find the rotation of your tire, most tires have an arrow on the side indicating the correct rotation orientation
  • Place the wheel back into the dropout
  • Tighten bolt or quick releases


Step 7: Go Ride!