How to: Wrap Bike Handlebars

Article Peak Adventures

New bar tape can make your bike feel…. new! With hundreds of colors and designs to choose from, this simple upgrade will also give your bike a fresh new look. Wrapping bars is a skill. If it’s your first time, take it nice and slow.


Watch the video below to learn the art of the bar wrap!

How to: Wrap Bike Handlebars

What you’ll need:
  • New bar tape
  • Scissors (or a razor blade)
  • Electrical tape


Step 1: Prep & Clean
  1. Remove old bar tape and adhesive
  2. Adjust hoods and position bars
  3. Take the bike for a test ride to ensure proper fit
  4. Manage and secure brake housing with electrical tape


Step 2: Wrapping
  1. Start wrap at the bar end
  2. Leave ½ of the width exposed so it can be folded in later
  3. Wrap to the outside to ensure unraveling does not occur
  4. Maintain ½ overlap and even tension through the whole wrap
  5. Maintain even tension
  6. Cut the tape at an angle at your desired stopping point and secure it with tape


Step 3: The Details
  1. Clean up the electrical tape you just secured the end of the wrap with
  2. Be careful not to cut yourself or housing
  3. Fold the excess bar tape into the bar end and secure with the bar end plug