Bike Maintenance Classes


At the Peak Adventures bike shop at Sacramento State, we host bike repair and bike maintenance classes! In these hands-on classes, our expert mechanics walk you through how to work on your own bike. You will leave with knowledge and a tune-up!

Advanced Bike Maintenance

If you are serious about working on bikes, then this class is for you! 

Open to Sacramento State Students, Staff, Alumni, and the community. By the time you’re done, you will have the knowledge and skills to overhaul your bike. This 6-week intensive advanced bike maintenance class will teach you everything you need to know about your bike and how to work on it. This class meets one night a week for a three-hour session. Topics cover everything from wheel truing to bearing overhauls as well as shifting and braking systems. Class objectives are tailored to the people who enroll, so everyone gets the most out of the lessons. The Park Tool School curriculum, but goes into greater depth on some topics. The Peak Adventures Basic Bike Maintenance or a basic knowledge of bike parts is strongly suggested before taking this class.

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Basic Bike Maintenance

Open to Sacramento State Students, Staff, Alumni, and the community, this class is geared to serve the beginner and average rider. Curriculum includes routine maintenance, cleaning, flat repairs, brake and gear adjustments, trail repairs, and ergonomics. Special attention is given to the basics of user maintenance and simple repairs with minimal tools. You will walk away with a tune up on your bike and the knowledge to go with it. You will become a better rider by understanding your bicycle’s needs and capabilities. Bring your own bike so we can advise you on its specific needs. Space is limited to four people for individual attention. Total instruction time is six hours, with a break for lunch. Activity level 1. Minimum age is 18 or current Sac State student.

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