Bike Shop FAQ



Where are you located?

The Bike Shop is located at Sacramento State on the first floor of the University Union.


Are you open to the public?

Yes! All are welcome!

Do students get a discount?

Sac State students receive a 10% discount off of all retail items and extra discounts on labor!

Do you fix flat tires?

We sure do! We are a full-service bike shop. We can provide any service you need for your bike.

Can I take bikes for a test ride?

Yes, please come prepared with a valid id (OneCard or Drivers License)

Do you perform bike fit?

No, we do not perform professional bike fits. However, we can give you the basics of a good fit.

Can I use your tools?

We do not loan tools.

Can you teach me how to fix my bike?

You bet ! Click here to see our classes and clinics

Can I get air or chain lube?

Yes, come by anytime we’re open. We have free air and chain lube.

Where do I park?

The nearest parking is in Parking Structure II. There are free 30-minute parking spaces in between the science complex and the Hornet Bookstore. More info here: Bike Shop Location