Customized Programming


Sac State Groups

Programming for any group wanting to have fun and get to know each other better. Spend time problem solving, developing teams, and exploring new perspectives on how teams operate. We believe that sharing a common experience creates a connection. These programs are great for clubs, teams, sororities, fraternities, classes, higher education professionals & more!

Professional Groups

Programming that challenges employees to meet their highest level of professional potential.    Using advanced facilitation methods in a controlled environment, your team will be pushed to find leaders, sharpen communication,  and efficiently execute goals.

Community Groups

Programming that demonstrates the many barriers we all face in communicating with others. Work through these barriers with your team in a safe environment to develop a deeper understanding of effective communication, and an appreciation for one another’s leadership styles. Unity is our strength, but diversity is our character. In these programs, participants have a chance to mingle with others with whom they do not normally interact. Participants will be broken up into smaller groups so they can step out of their comfort zones, and have a chance to interact with new people on a more personal level.