Outdoor Trip Photography Volunteer


All declared Photography Majors are eligible to volunteer as a photographer and attend one free outdoor trip in Fall 2021! Each trip has one volunteer spot available and is first-come-first-serve. Unclaimed photography volunteer spots will be opened to the public two weeks before the start of the trip.

Click Here for a full list of trips.

For a list of available trips, please contact tannerlandon@csus.edu.

Each photographer volunteer is responsible for:

  • Providing ASI Peak Adventures with 12 edited digital photos from the trip
    • Photos aesthetic can vary depending on the trip and the photographer’s personal style but should highlight the location, the participants, & include at least one group shot
    • We have a DSLR available if you do not have one
    • Final edits are due no later than one week after the trip
    • You grant ASI Peak Adventures non-exclusive rights to use photos
    • Photos should be uploaded in high quality .JPEG format here: https://www.peakadventures.org/photos
  • Attending the trip
    • Please give one week’s notice of cancellations
    • Unexcused cancellations will disqualify your ability to volunteer on future trips
    • Each spot is taking away from another student who could have had a great time! 
  • Attending a 10-minute pre-trip zoom meeting with our Outdoor Trip Manager and Marketing Specialist 
  • Filling out all forms

Interested? Please fill out the form below and we will contact you with the next steps.