Outdoor Trip Volunteer – RPTA 198


This course provides students with a unique and fun learning opportunity outside of the classroom with flexible meeting and trip dates. Earn college credit for going on and helping us with our outdoor adventure trips!

Learn to plan and implement outdoor adventure trips.


  • 1 elective unit
  • 4 days of adventure
  • Adventure education
  • Personal development
  • Leadership  experience
  • Transferable skills
  • FUN!

Possible Trips: Backpacking, Camping, Rock Climbing, Snowshoeing, Hiking, Cave Exploring, Biking, & More!

All Majors Welcome! All students, regardless of major, receive a total of 1 academic units of RPTA 198: Co-Curricular Activities. This class does not have your typical class schedule and meeting times will vary greatly depending on your schedule and what trips you decide to support.

Please Note: This class will not appear in the Sac State Class Scheduler. Registration through Peak Adventures referral only.

For course registration details please contact Sasha Smirnova
(916) 278-6321 or Smirnova@csus.edu