Outdoor Trips FAQ


What if I’m a novice?

That’s perfect! We specialize in adventures for beginners. By providing transportation, the necessary gear, and knowledgeable trip leaders, we make getting outside stress free! Learn the basic skills needed to start your own adventures.  And, chances are, you won’t be alone; there will be many others who are new to the experience joining you on the trip.

What if I don’t know anyone?

If you’re signing up alone, don’t worry! One of the best things about our trips is that you’ll have the chance to meet and bond with new people. Trip leaders will help facilitate conversations in the vans, on the trail, or over the campfire. Have some laughs and enjoy time with other students from Sac State.

What is included?

Transportation to and from campus*, experienced trip leaders, permits, reservations, and all technical gear. Oh, and fun! Did we mention fun?! A GREAT value!

*Whitewater rafting trips do not include transportation from campus, but does include a river shuttle.

Who leads the trip?

Your trip will be led by our experienced trip leaders! Each of our trip leaders have undergone hands-on training with Peak Adventures, and have been certified in Wilderness First Aid, CPR, and are certified Commercial Class C drivers. They all love the outdoors, love having fun, and love working with new people every day. You can read more about them here.

Who can sign up?

All of our trips are open to the public, Sac State students and anyone over 18!

Exceptions: Custom trips and whitewater rafting.

What is your cancellation policy?

For details on Peak Adventures’ cancellation and refund policy please visit our Returns and Refunds page.

What is the minimum age?

The minimum age for all scheduled outdoor trips and classes is 18, with the exception of current Sac State students under 18.  

Exceptions: Custom trips and whitewater rafting (9)

Where do we park?

Most trips meet at Sac State. We recommend parking in parking structure II or getting dropped off for overnight trips. You must pay for parking 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. You can pay on campus at information booths.

Some trips meet at the location.

What rafting COVID-19 precautions are you taking?

Employee Screening– All raft guides will be vaccinated. All employees will monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms prior to their first trip. Employees will go through an appropriate screening process the day before work, and will have a thermometer on-site to check temperatures. Employees who show any signs or symptoms of COVID-19 will not be allowed to work until after the appropriate quarantine protocol is followed.

Guest screening has been enhanced to minimize participation by at-risk individuals, by individuals displaying COVID-19 symptoms, and by individuals who have been exposed to COVID-19. A temperature check will be taken upon arrival.

Transportation – Guests and employees will be required to wear a mask or face covering during transportation to and from the river. Our vehicles will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized between uses.

Personal Protective Equipment– We will promote the use of personal protective equipment throughout our trips. We encourage our guests to bring their own masks/face coverings and hand sanitizer to utilize during the trip. We will not be requiring masks to be worn on the river due to safety concerns.

Hygiene – Employees and guests will be encouraged to wash their hands throughout the day and will have access to hand sanitizer.

Physical Distancing– We will be practicing physical distancing when possible. This will be focused on especially during the pre-trip meeting, safety talk, and PFD fitting.

Sanitation – We will increase our commitment to maintaining a clean environment and to reducing the spread of viruses and germs during our trips. Special attention will be paid to sanitizing gear between trips, sanitizing vehicles between uses, and sanitizing commonly touched surfaces and equipment between uses.

Employee Training– All our guides have current First Aid/CPR/AED certifications, COVID-19 prevention training, and many have Wilderness First Aid/Responder training. In addition to these certificates, our staff will receive additional training on protocols to follow in case health issues arise.