Trip Planning Consultations


Get help planning your next adventure!

We are stoked to offer one-on-one trip planning services! Schedule a time to sit down (via Zoom) with our experienced Outdoor Adventure Manager and get help planning your next adventure. We can help answer your questions using Peak Adventures’ professional recommendations and personally vetted tips and tricks to help ensure your next trip is a success.

 This is a FREE service for Sac State students. We believe time outside is vital to wellbeing and we know it can be hard to plan an adventure, we’re here to help!

We can help you:

  • Choose a location
  • Travel considerations and advice
  • Plan fun activities based on location
  • Walk you through permitting and reservations
  • Give advice on gear and packing
  • Help you plan your food
  • & More!


Please complete the form below to reserve a date. We will email you to confirm the date, time, and send you a Zoom link.

Your trip ideas. Location? Activity? no idea, just want to chat? The more information you put here, the better we can plan and come prepared to help!

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Disclaimer: These consultations are a sounding board to help YOU plan. All advice and recommendations are a starting point and we recommend further research. ASI Peak Adventures and staff are not responsible for any harm on trips .