Noah Fordyce

Bike Shop Coordinator

Noah Fordyce in the Peak Adventuresa Bike Shop at Sacramento State


7 years of professional bicycle repair experience. B.A. in History from California State University, Sacramento.

Why do you love the outdoors?
The change of environment, going on a bike ride or a walk in nature puts you in new places where you can new sights smells, and experiences. Biking or walking in the city where you would usually drive lets you learn about your town, and discover new routes and places you might otherwise never see.

Three Favorite Hobbies

If I had to pick three, cycling, amateur electronics, and attending live music. Realistically my hobby is learning how to do something to accomplish a goal. I make all sorts of nonsense and spend time learning how something works and how to use it, sewing, automotive wiring, woodworking whatever the project calls for.