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Buy a bike today! We focus on quality bikes at a reasonable price. All bike inventory is limited and subject to change.  For a full list of colors, sizes, and unlisted bikes, please visit the shop or call (916) 278-6321.

Buy peace of mind: All of our bikes are built by professionals and come with a free 90-day tune-up!


Retrospec Mantra

Fixed-Gear / Single-Speed Bike

Mantra is Retrospec’s premium fixie/single-speed. Quick response dual braking, sealed-bearing hubs, and dripping with style, Mantra is your go-to for your every commuting, cruising, zipping, coasting and speeding need.

Price: $329.00 

Student Price: $329.00  $298.00

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Retrospec Harper

Fixed-Gear / Single-Speed Bike

Harper is sleek, stylish, smooth, and low-maintenance. A hand-built steel frame and flip-flop hub allow you to ride fixed-gear or free, making Harper the perfect whip to work, class, or brunch.

Price: $225.00

Student Price: $225.00 $205.00

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