Bike Commuting in Sacramento

Photo of someone in a red jacket riding their bike in fall.

Bike Commuting Basics

Riding to class or work has many benefits for your health, your wallet, and the planet! Here’s some info to get you on the road.

Article Jacob Spivek

Supporting Our Environment

As you may know, April is Earth Month! In honor, we’re highlighting ways you can give back and get involved. If you’re eager to positively impact the environment, there are many organizations that would appreciate your help. Whether you are able to donate, volunteer time, or just want to be part of a community, joining an environmental organization can be a great way to help protect the planet we all share. 


Article Jacob Spivek

Sustainable & Eco-friendly Camping Gear

tent in front of lake

Why do we go camping? Is it to get away from our modern priorities? Maybe some of us are seeking adventure? Or maybe a few of us just want to see a cool tree and call it day! For whatever reason, it’s important we try to limit the footprint of our activities to help preserve and protect nature for the future. Choosing the right kind of gear is a great place to start. 


This quick guide covers a few ways you can limit your impact on the environment when camping: